Re: Choice v.36:4 (December 1998) Vee Carrington 16 Dec 1998 20:58 UTC

     Marion and others -

     Thanks for the notice about the upside-down pages in the December
     CHOICE. The checking copies we have here at the CHOICE office are all
     okay. But if you've found one, there may be others.

     We will gladly replace any defective copies. Please contact our
     Subscription Manager, Steven Conforti,
     regarding replacements.
     Sorry for the inconvenience -

     Vee Friesner Carrington
     Promotion Coordinator
     CHOICE/ACRL publications
     100 Riverview Center
     Middletown, CT 06457-3445

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Subject: Choice v.36:4 (December 1998)
Date:    12/16/98 8:52 AM
From:    Marion Meilaender <Mmeilaender@GWI.ALBION.EDU>

This may not be a widespread problem, but we've discovered that our copy
of CHOICE v. 36:4 (Dec., 1998) has pages 697-712 bound in upside-down.

Marion Meilaender
Albion College Library Periodicals Dept.
Albion, MI 49224