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Business Europe Kevin M. Randall 27 Jan 1999 18:26 UTC

When checking on the frequency of BUSINESS EUROPE this morning, and seeing
that our catalog record may be a bit out of date, I looked it up on OCLC
and found the following (I've only included what seem to be fields/elements
relevant to my puzzlement):

        OCLC# 2258796
        010  sf93-94849 |z sn86-29023
        022  0007-6724
        042  lcd |a nsdp
        222  Business Europe
        245  Business Europe.
        260  Geneva, Switzerland : |b Business International S.A., |c 1960-1992.
        362  Jan. 1960-v. 32, no. 43 (Oct. 30, 1992).

        OCLC# 30639991
        010  sf96-92732
        022  1351-8755
        042  lcd
        130  Business Europe (Economist Intelligence Unit (Great Britain))
        245  Business Europe.
        260  London : |b The Economist Intelligence Unit,
        362  Vol. 32, no. 44 (Nov. 6, 1992)-

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why #30639991 exists.  Main entry
is under title, which did not change.  The publisher changed, but the name
was neither the main entry nor part of a uniform title heading (and I have
*never* heard any serious demands for changing the rules to necessitate new
records when the publisher changes!).  The numbering scheme did not change.

I notice that there is no key title given in #30639991, although there is
an ISSN.  Does the ISSN Register actually have a separate entry for
Business Europe after Nov. 6, 1992?

It looks to me as if #30639991 should be deleted and collapsed into
#2258796.  Does anyone have more information to clarify this situation?


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