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Re: 852 field (Marie Schneider) Stephen Clark 14 Jan 1999 21:51 UTC

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Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 08:44:14 -0800
From: Marie Schneider <mschneider@MAIL.ARC.NASA.GOV>
Subject: Re: 852 field

The 852 is used by the serials module of our Sirsi Unicorn system to
indicate the location, such as MAIN Library, Info. Sci. Library, etc.

It is not input into our OCLC record (if that's what you mean by pulled
out), but created at the time we set up holdings & check-in records in
Unicorn.  We did not have any serial holdings data in OCLC.  But we were
able to move our locations to the 852 field and holdings (not check-in)  to
the 866 - Textual Holdings field of Sirsi Unicorn from our Data Trek (DOS)
serials module.  Our system administrator set up an import report and we
used Access to massage the Data Trek data into just the right format for

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