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MMWR (Karen Chobot) Marcia Tuttle 03 May 1999 21:01 UTC

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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:54:47 -0500
From: Karen Chobot <chobot@PLAINS.NODAK.EDU>
Subject: MMWR

Good morning -  I would love to hear from other people how they have been
handling the problem of binding the MMWR.  The procedure I inherited was to
 bind them all as a single volume.  It's growing into a monster which is no
longer one volume, and I was wondering if the CDC website makes binding
unnecessary.  What are people doing?  Are you still binding?  Do you bind
the SS series and the RR series differently?  Do you catalog them
differently?   I have the discussion from earlier in the year, but it
didn't give me any insight into what others are doing with binding.  We are
reducing our binding, and part of me would just like to leave this one out
of the order.

Your help would be appreciated.  Karen.

Karen M. Chobot, MS, MLS
Reference/Serials Librarian
Mildred Johnson Library
North Dakota State College of Science
800 N. 6th St.
Wahpeton ND 58076

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