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[Fwd: Cell Press bought by Elsevier] (Frank Norman) Stephen Clark 04 May 1999 13:03 UTC

        This message was originally listed on lis-serials.  With his
permission, I am reposting his message, since a number of serials folks in
this country will also be interesed in it.

Cell Press, independent publisher of _Cell_  and three other highly
respected titles, has been bought by Elsevier.

I haven't seen this announced widely, and have only just spotted it
myself in_Nature_ , 15th April 1999, vol 398 p. 551.

"The independent biweekly journal, Cell, previously owned by
Benjamin Lewin, has been bought by the Dutch company Elsevier
Science, in a strategic move that the company says is aimed at
consolidating its electronic publishing activities in life sciences."

We await the consolidation with interest...(not to say trepidation).

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