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CONSER single record policy Jean L. Hirons 03 Jun 1999 19:23 UTC

Dear colleagues,

In 1996, CONSER develoved an experimental policy for inclusion of
online versions on records for the print. During the past few months
a group within CONSER developed was asked to draft a policy that
would suggest guidelines for determining when it is appropriate to use the
single record approach.
The paper was discussed at the April meeting of the CONSER Operations
Committee but no conclusions were reached.

The topic will be discussed at three venues in the upcoming month: at the
Cataloging Network Node at NASIG, at the Committee to Study Serials
Cataloging meeting at ALA, and at the CONSER At Large meeting, also at

I invite you to read the paper as a background to these discussions.
Valerie Bross of UCLA convened the group; Crystal Graham (UCSD) and Steve
Shadle (U. Washington) were the principle writers of the
report. It is available at:

Jean Hirons
CONSER Coordinator
Library of Congress
fax 202-707-6333