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Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (Tony Kidd) Marcia Tuttle 10 Aug 1999 17:33 UTC

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Subject: Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

I have been asked to forward the following message concerning the Bulletin
of Hispanic Studies.  Please contact the Editors (see final paragraph of
letter) if you have queries.
Tony Kidd, Head of Serials, Glasgow University Library, Hillhead Street,
Glasgow G12 8QE, Scotland, U.K.
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July 1999

Dear Subscriber/Librarian,

ISSN 0007-490X

The Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, founded by E. Allison Peers in 1923, has
completed seventy-five years of continuous publication. In its first
decades, as a private venture founded by Professor Peers to promote
Hispanism, it had the title Bulletin of Spanish Studies. The Bulletin
adopted its present title in 1949. On Peers' death in 1952, the Editorial
Committee, which the founder had established to ensure the continuation of
the journal, decided to publish the Bulletin through the University of
Liverpool. In the early 1990s the intellectual and scholarly freedom of BHS
came under increasing threat because of changes within the University of
Liverpool, and in 1995 both General Editors recommended to the Editorial
Committee that the journal's future should be secured by agreement with the
University of Glasgow. The Editorial Committee unanimously accepted this
advice in August 1995, and the move of BHS to Glasgow University took place
in the Autumn of that year.

The continuity of the Editorial Team and of the Editorial Committee is,
therefore, unbroken. The vast majority of all contributors of articles and
reviews awaiting publication at the time of the move registered their
support for editing and publishing the Bulletin from the University of
Glasgow. The move to Glasgow has also been welcomed by the Hispanist
Trustees of the E. Allison Peers Estate.

The Editors and Editorial Committee, together with the University of
Glasgow, welcome the decision of the University of Liverpool to launch a new
journal in the Hispanic field, but they deeply regret that Liverpool
University, by using for its new journal the title and ISSN number of the
existing Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, has caused considerable confusion to
Hispanists, scholars at large and librarians. Following  the decision
reached by Lord Gill at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, in the action
unsuccessfully pursued in 1995 by Liverpool University against the
University of Glasgow, the ISSN UK Centre, the British Library, UK confirmed
that the publication by Liverpool University Press, to which it allocated a
new ISSN, is a new journal started in 1996. The original Bulletin of
Hispanic Studies, started in 1923, which is now published by Carfax
Publishing, Oxfordshire, on behalf of the University of Glasgow, has the
sole right to use ISSN 0007-490X.

In view of the widespread confusion, disruptive to normal subscription
arrangements, caused by Liverpool University's misuse of the Bulletin's ISSN
Number etc., please double-check that you and your library are, in fact,
receiving the original Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, started in 1923. The
original Bulletin, which no longer has any publishing and editorial
connections whatsoever with Liverpool University, carries on its front
cover, the Carfax logo, and, as its editorial location, the 'University of

For further information,contact The Editors, Dept of Hispanic Studies,
Hetherington Building, University of Glasgow, G12 8QR, Scotland. Fax number
(+44) 151-609-1604; e-mail

Yours sincerely,

GEOFFREY W. RIBBANS                                     GRAEME J. DAVIES
Chairman,                                                               Principal,
Editorial Committee,                                    University of Glasgow
Bulletin of Hispanic Studies