10 Reasons Why Simplelists Is Better

Posted on Jul 25, 2013

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1) Simplelists is very quick and easy to use:

Setting up your list can be completed in under 5 minutes and once you’ve set things up you can send an email to your list in seconds. You simply send an email to yourlist@simplelists.com; no passwords to remember, no login required, just send the email from your normal email address!

2) You decide who can send emails to your list:

You can make it possible for anyone on your list to send emails to the whole list - this option is great for group interaction and communication.

Or you can set things up so that only you are able to send emails to the list - this is the best option for people who want to use email as a marketing tool. For example to send regular emails or newsletters to a group of customers or clients.

You can also decide to give emailing rights to selected members of the list - this is a good choice for groups that have several people who want to communicate to the group while most members just want to receive emails.

3) Privacy:

Simplelists does not use the email addresses on your list for any purpose other than to send your emails. Privacy is a hot topic these days and personal information is worth a lot to advertisers (or worse). Many of the free group email providers make their money by selling personal data of people on the list.

4) Simplelists is free from adverts:

Another way that free group email providers make money is by advertising to your recipients on the emails that you send. All emails that you send using Simplelists are free from adverts.

5) Reliability

Disreputable providers could land your emails in the spam folder of your customers, rather than their inbox! Simplelists has a very high deliverability rate - in fact it’s generally better than Outlook.

6) You decide how people can join to your list

You can allow members to subscribe to your list with or without your approval and the same applies for unsubscribing.

This means that you can choose to keep a check on your members by making approval necessary or save time and effort by letting people fully manage their own subscription.

7) Great for website owners:

Simplelists has a very simple form that you can use on your website to enable people to subscribe to your list - perfect for website owners that want to give visitors the option of signing up for a newsletter.

Because we’re Simplelists we’ve made it really easy to add to your website - it can be done in under a minute!

8) You’re in control of the size limit for emails:

If you have photos, videos or files that you want to share with your list it is possible to set a large size limit for emails so that the files can be attached to emails. Simplelists has no limit to the file size that you can choose - you can send emails right up to the limit that your email client will allow.

If members of your list have the option to send emails (see number 2) you may want to limit the size of the emails that can be sent.

9) Send great looking emails:

With simplelists you are not limited to plain text emails. You can send emails with HTML - this will enable you to send professional looking newsletters!

10 ) Lists can be transferred from other providers:

It is possible to trabfer your list from another list serve without members needing to reconfirm their email addresses. The transfer process is seamless and list members won’t even notice the change.

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