Using a Subdomain for List Emails

Posted on Aug 8, 2014

We’ve recently produced some videos with instructions on how to use your own domain with your email lists. The main advantage to using your own domain is that you can brand the entire Simplelists system as your own.

Mailing List Puzzle Showing Email Marketing Lists Online

You can include your logo, branded landing pages and use your domain as the list email address - you’ll completely replace all the Simplelists branding. This will create a professional image and strengthen your brand.

Domain or Subdomain?

An important point to note when setting things up is that you can only use a domain for email with one host. If you don’t already use your domain for emails then you can go ahead and use it for your Simplelists email without a problem.

However, if you already use your domain for emails with your web host (e.g. for personal or business emails) then you can’t use it for Simplelists at the same time. You could use another domain with Simplelists but this wouldn’t be good for branding - strong branding relies on consistency so using different domains will weaken it.

A good solution in this case is to set up a subdomain with your web host and use that as your Simplelists emails. For example...

Your domain is and you already use it for business emails like,

To brand your Simplelists system and also keep your business emails running set up a subdomain with your web host such as, or You can usually set up several different subdomains with your web host at no extra cost.

Then use the subdomain for your Simplelists emails - remember that you can have as many lists as you like:, and are some examples.

For full instructions on using your own domain with Simplelists see these two short videos.

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